The GEMORE dual channel digital IF with True Sine Wave. Not only can set parameters accurately but also operate easily by four keys with LCD display by prescription for patients' condition. This device has a large liquid crystal display and press buttons, which is helpful for the people who can easily set the parameters. Frequency keep its setting value would not be affected by temperature increase during treatment. Its output waveform is real Sine Wave.


True Sine Wave

Interferential of quad polar
  • Channel: Dual, isolated between channels
  • Pulse Amplitude: 0-70mA peak to peak into 500 ohm load.
  • Carrier Frequency:4000Hz fixed
  • Modulating Frequency:Adjustable, from 4004Hz ~ 4160 Hz , 4 Hz/step
  • Pulse Duration:125 μ S
  • Mode:Constant: 4-160 bps adjustable; Auto Sweep: 4-45 bps, 80-145 bps, 4 – SET bps; Frequency Shift: 1/1 abrupt, 6/6 abrupt, 6/6 ramped, 10/10 abrupt, 10/10 ramped
  • Wave Form:Symmetrical balanced Sine wave
  • Output Configuration: Quad polar ( 4 electrodes)
  • Interference Pulse Freq: 4-160 bps, adjustable 4 bps/step
  • Sweep time: 15 sec
  • Timer: 15,30 min
  • Constant current
  • Patient compliance meter
  • Patient Lock system
  • Four keys: Accurate and Easily parameter setting
  • Low battery indicator
  • Power consumption is very small after timer off
  • Power saving is good than others
  • Power : DC 9V adaptor
  • Size:128(H)× 70(W) × 26(T) mm
  • Weight: Approx. 175gm (include battery)
  • Tolerance: +/-10%
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