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Regular TENS (B/C/M) and Pre-program TENS, two in one

The GEMORE new dual channel digital COMBO is the new technology which include both regular TENS (B/C/M) and pre-program TENS?functions. It with Compliance meter that can store the treatment time used by the patients. Not only can set parameters accurately but also operate easily by six keys with LCD display by prescription for patients' condition. This device has a large liquid crystal display and press buttons, which is helpful for the people who can easily set the parameters. The LCD can show Width, Rate, Mode, CH1/2 and Timer at the same time during regular TENS function.

It also can be used easily by common user to operate during pre-program functions. The LCD can show Pre-program mode, Rate, CH1/2 and Timer at hte same time during pre-program TENS function.


  • Channel: Dual, isolated between channels
  • Pulse intensity: Adjustable 0-80mA peak into 500 Ω load each channel, constant current
  • Pulse Rate:1Hz-160Hz (adjustable), 1Hz/step (1-20Hz), 5Hz/step (20-160Hz)
  • Pulse Width:50μs - 260μs (adjustable), 10μs/step.
  • Patient Compliance meter:Shows the treatment times in hours.
  • Patient Lock System:Prevent the user from changing any fixed parameters set by the physician or licensed practitioner.
  • Timer: 15, 30, 60 minute and continuous mode selectable
  • LCD: Shows modes, pulse rate, pulse width, timer, CH1/CH2.

  • Function Modes:
    B: Cycle Bursts, 2Bursts/sec, 9pulses/Burst, 100Hz, width is adjustable.
    Continuous mode. Pulse rate, pulse width and intensity are adjustable.
    M: Modulated Width.Pulse width is automatically varied in an interval of 6 seconds. The modulation range of pulse width is from setting value to 35% less than the control setting value, then returns to the setting value. Rate, width and intensity are fully adjustable.
    P: Pre-Program mode.
    Program: P1, P2, P8 : Pre-set TENS function
    Wave form: Asymmetrical Bi-phasic square pulse.
    Voltage: 0-110 Volt (Open Circuit).
    Max charge per pulse: 21 micro-coulombs
    Power Source: 9-Volt Battery.
    Dimensions: 108mm(H) ×61.5mm(W) ×25mm(T).
    Weight: 140grams (battery included).
    All electrical specifications are ±10% 500Ω load.
    Full symbols
    P1 to P8 symbols
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